Rental Listings

There are many rental property listings for you and your family.  Make sure you look at both of your rent options.  The Choice is Yours.  Make Renting Better with Rent Plus.

Option 1

Monthly Rent

Flexible Lease Terms

Pensio provides 1 year renewable lease terms, tenants can cancel on 90 days' notice

Security Deposit

One month's rent held by the Panama Housing Authority

Renters Insurance

You will require annual renters insurance to cover liability and contents

Option 2

Rent Plus Monthly Rent 

You Have to Pay the First Month Rent Only

Flexible Lease Terms

Minimum 2-year renewable lease  term, after that 90 day lease termination clause at your option

Health Insurance

 We will pay your annual private  health insurance base fees up to $2,500 yearly for up to 2 family members named on the lease

No Security Deposit

No security deposit is required, keep the money working for you

Renters Insurance

Your lease includes renter content and liability insurance covering you up to $100,000 in content losses and liability events

Rent Guarantee

At no cost to you we will pay your rent for up to 90 days if your Pension or Guaranteed Income payments are delayed.  You can pay us back when your Pension payments are received

Immigration Fees

We will pay your Immigration and legal fees if you qualify for a Pensionada Visa for up to 2 family members named on the lease

Panama Pensio Rental Property Listings